What We Offer | Business Analysis

ECM solutions manage complex processes that span technology sets and business units, where human interactions form the foundation of the implementation. These complex processes require participants to use their knowledge and judgment to make key decisions. In result, these processes are the most significant areas an organization can improve operational and regulatory efficiencies while reducing risk.

Efficiency and Risk Mitigation
Whether increasing the amount of work required or the time to respond, unmanaged and disparate systems often result in inefficient processes. In this day, pure technology solutions can address many logistically simple challenges. However, Improving efficiencies in human driven processes are more difficult, to be undertaken with care and forethought.

Working alongside internal resources, ADV can help organizations identify ECM technologies that improve current processes with minimal disruption a better search tool, a tighter integration with fewer navigation screens, a better input process - or those which revisit the process itself - moving a structured process from sequential paper processing to simultaneously processing electronic resources.

While efficiency is a motivator for many, ADV's clients often are impacted by regulatory and compliance concerns as well. Our best performing clients are motivated by minimizing organizational risk. These risks can take many forms, such as the risk of a flooded physical records center or unidentified process gaps which impair responsiveness and provide decision makers with incomplete access to information.

Scoping and Sequencing
Understanding your business needs is a collaborative effort, utilizing both client and vendor resources to their best effect. Providing clear scoping of the project is essential to the success of an ECM project. Programs are rarely isolated from the larger organization and tend to be susceptible to scope creep. Sequencing tasks within projects and sequencing projects within larger programs is a key means to limit creep, minimize timeline and budget risks, and track progress. In practical terms, this involves asking not just questions like "Where do we start?" but, "How will we define success?" and "When will it end?" 

ADV's 15 years of working in a variety of ECM projects can be called upon to assist your internal staff in answering these questions, whether it's collaborative discovery and planning or just a reality check before embarking.

Internal Selling
ECM solutions can be complex and occasionally disruptive. The cost and benefits to the people affected can be difficult to articulate. Given that user adoption and executive support are critical to the success of most projects, crafting the internal messaging to build support within the organization is a must. We recognize that this effort is typically best championed by someone inside the organization and not an outside consultant.

ADV can help your organization by identifying success stories outside your organization, assisting with presentation preparation, and getting the details right when talking to varied audiences.