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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the practice of managing unstructured information and the processes that leverage it: email, document, instant message, voice mail, or other electronic formats. Major vendors typically have a suite of components that address document management, record management, email archiving, business process management, enterprise search, electronic forms, and web content management systems. They provide out of the box integrations so business solutions can be developed by using any combination of these components.

Records Management
Records Management can mean many things. Whether managing the stewardship of your assets, the creation of electronic content, or the lifecycle of your content, rest assured, ADV understands the rigorous requirements of your records management needs. more

Business Process Management (BPM) tools are a key component of an ECM system, often used to automate well defined processes. more

Document Management
Unstructured content is the life blood of our client's business. It can exist in physical formats, or electronic formats such as Word and Excel, imaged documents, email, or online content. more

Social Media
The most valuable information within any organization often resides within the minds of its knowledge workers. This powerful "intellectual asset" has remained relatively untapped, because companies lack an effective Enterprise 2.0 strategy. more

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