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Systems Assessment
Any successful project begins with an understanding of where you are.  Often systems languish and are not updated.  The original rationale for current practices is lost in time.  Users put up with problems and performance issues that could be corrected.

Our analysts can assess the health of your system and recommend cost-effective updates to improve performance and and address your evolving business needs.

ADV provides software installation by trained and certified technicians who understand complex application architectures and and know the details and pitfalls of making them work effectively.  Thorough testing and careful documentation ensure that knowledge is transferred to your staff for future reference.

In-depth product knowledge allows ADV to help you get the most value from your ECM investment by customizing your system to meet your specific business needs.  We'll make sure that the database design supports your business processes effectively, and that forms and user interfaces are optimized for productive work.

ECM solutions require varying degrees of integration with other business systems. In some cases, it is a convenience to avoid double-entry of data and maintaining data integrity. Other times, it is a component critical to the basic problem being solved. more

Rarely are document and record management systems implemented from a completely clean slate. They often benefit when emerging from a critical mass of existing content.

ADV encourages customers to design their new system to reflect how they want their business to function and to convert data from their existing system to fit the new design. more

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